Located at the intersection of Santee, Devine and Harden, Yesterday’s was built as one of the first known businesses in Five Points – Gibson’s Economy Drug Store – built in 1935. A watch repair shop and other restaurants have shared space in the “flatiron” until 1976 when Yesterday’s opened its door.

Yesterday’s is the brainchild of three guys who set out to create a family owned restaurant that was unmistakably their own. Instead of the standard pre-packaged and frozen fare that chains offer, they decided to serve made-from-scratch America dishes using fresh local produce and only the freshest chicken, seafood and beef derived from recipes from across the U.S. – family favorites collected from years of travel.

Murphy’s Pump Room became the local watering hole, a place where folks were quick to swap a story and share a laugh, the Man in the Tub became an icon and St. Pat’s in Five Points was started right there in the Yesterday’s parking lot. Over 40 years later this city still celebrates the authenticity of Columbia’s original neighborhood restaurant and tavern, the legacy they bestowed, and the memories they helped create and were part of!!


Almost 40 years ago, two men sat down in a booth at Yesterday’s Restaurant & Tavern in Five Points and devised a plan to increase the visibility of Five Points’ businesses on St. Patrick’s Day when most people were leaving town for Savannah, Georgia. Starting as a parking lot party, the annual St. Pat’s in Five Points emerged, forming a family-fun festival that’s grown to be one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the southeast.

St. Pat’s in Five Points welcomes tens of thousands into the village neighborhood annually with something for everyone – Get to the Green 5K, 10K or the 1 Miler Family races, the mile-long parade, a full line-up of music, Pot O’ Gold Playland and all things green, Gaelic and St. Pat’s!

Though the St. Pat’s in Five Points festival is a day of music and fun, it’s also a day to showcase the businesses of the village, celebrate the community, and ultimately continue to reinvest in Columbia.

As the chief revenue source for the Five Points Foundation, the ticket sales allow the staff to continue community projects, beautification endeavors and promote, improve and market the area throughout the year. Additionally, each year a portion of the proceeds from St. Pat’s in Five Points is donated to local charitable organizations in the Midlands producing nearly $1 million in financial gifts over its almost 40-year history.


While living in Dallas, Texas, two of the owners of Yesterday’s Restaurant and Tavern worked together at the Dallas Hilton Inn and regularly served Bob Hope his preferred drink, the “Blue Nun” with a tub full of ice to accompany the drink. In addition, there was a bar and restaurant in Dallas called the Montana Mining Company that used a miner in a sitz bath as the greeter when you entered the building. One night many years ago, the owners combined these stories into what would become Yesterday’s infamous logo that would spawn the Man in the Tub. Out of fear of catching too much grief from the public, they moved the Man up on top of the building, and he has been there ever since!