Stacey Millner-Collins

City Yoga

I have so many connections to Five Points, dating back to when my kids were small – going to the various parades and festivals, all the way up to when my kids were teenagers – while growing and running a business here.

I like that there are a lot of local businesses in Five Points. I think it’s a good way to keep the city vibrant and economically viable.

I started teaching yoga in the early 1990s. Back then, there weren’t many teachers approaching yoga from a traditional perspective. I first opened City Yoga on Devine St. in 2003, after teaching around town in various spaces. I moved to our current location in Five Points in 2007. I’ve been around for a long time, and I feel really wonderful about the growth of yoga in our community – I feel proud of it. I’ve had some students who I’ve been teaching for eighteen years, and I get to see them grow with the practice.

  • A Scenic View

    One of the really sweet things about Five Points is the walk up College St. to the University. You can just walk right up and there’s that stairway – the one that takes you across the train tracks – and it’s so well landscaped. It’s a nice tucked-away place that doesn’t get as much attention as it should.

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  • Days Off

    On a day off, I would start at Drip Coffee for sure – hang out there and see probably 20 people who I know! Then I’d walk down Saluda and go in and out of the shops there. Next, I’d have a wonderful lunch outdoors at Gourmet Shop before taking a yoga class. I’d end the afternoon with a nice drink at Jake’s – I just love their outdoor seating.

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  • The Heart of Columbia

    I would say what really makes Five Points special is that we have been able to maintain the character of a neighborhood that has been at the heart of Columbia for decades. The businesses are run by local people and the people you see down here are from the neighborhoods and the University – and you can feel it. It’s a place you can go just to walk around and hang out.

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