Shelia Simmons

Pet Supplies Plus

I’ve been with Pet Supplies Plus at its Five Points location since it opened 10 years ago. I’m from Columbia and worked at the West Columbia location in high school. I moved away for college, then came back and worked at a bank – and I realized that was kind of unfulfilling. I like being around different animals and people that care about them. When I heard they were opening up this new store, I reapplied for a management position, and I’ve been with the company since.

Five Points is a really great community. Pet Supplies Plus has two other locations – in Irmo and West Columbia – and I love the Five Points location, because in my experience, there’s not the same sense of community anywhere else. All the shops are great; I love having everything nearby.

Five Points is special because there is a sense of community.

Even though we’re at the outskirts of Five Points, we still get a decent amount of foot traffic, especially during events. A lot of our customers are from the surrounding neighborhoods like Shandon, and just a lot of people that love and would do pretty much anything for their animals.

  • Mutual Love

    My husband was the chef at Harper’s for five years, so our mutual love of Five Points kind of brought us together. Five Points is special because there is a sense of community. Businesses want to support the other businesses in Five Points, and there are membership meetings and things like that. I know if I ever had any specific questions, I could contact Amy Beth (Franks, Executive Director of the Five Points Association); she brings her dog in here to get him groomed.

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  • Go-to Spots

    For my ideal day in Five Points I would go to Drip in the morning and get their habanero latte. Then I’d probably just spend the day shopping – I really like the earrings at Wish. Then lunch at The Gourmet Shop, do some more shopping, dinner at Delaney’s, and then drinks at Speakeasy. The Bloody Mary’s at Speakeasy are amazing; that’s my go-to Bloody Mary spot.

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