Sean McCrossin

Drip & Scoopy Doo

Before my businesses were here, I was in Five Points -- hanging out, going to Gourmet Shop and Papa Jazz. Spending time in Adriana's Coffee Shop. I had a coffee shop in Charleston at the time and was driving back and forth quite a bit. Eventually I wanted to pursue something here in Columbia. After looking at a few spaces around town, the building that used to be Harrell Jewelers for 25 years came available. I knew that Adriana's had been down here, so there was already that culture of coffee in the area and it all just seemed like a good fit.

Being part of a small village that accepts a youthful perspective is attractive to me.

We've been here four years this summer -- although I have been living here for about 7 years. Most recently, about a year ago, we started expanding into the space next door (where there used to be a toy store for about 20 years or so) and now we do hand crafted gelato over there, it's pretty awesome. I really enjoy the diversity and uniqueness that Five Points offers and the type of character that it attracts. The neighborhood feel and the proximity to the university, being part of a small village that accepts a youthful perspective is attractive to me.

  • Tuesday Nights

    One of my favorite things to do, that I do pretty much once a week, is that I go to City Yoga on Tuesday evenings. Then afterwards, I go to El Burrito and get a burrito. That has become my regular gig on Tuesdays. It's great.

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  • Halloween in Five Points

    This past year, my daughter and I participated in Halloween in Five Points. It was a lot of fun, we had a really good time. We were able to come down and trick-or-treat through Five Points before going through our neighborhood. She really enjoyed it a lot.

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  • Day Events

    As for other events, if I'm down here, I'm usually working. I don't really get to go to a lot of night events just because I'm up at 4:30am getting ready to come in and open the shop, so I'm usually at home in bed during the later events. I am planning to make it out to the next Chili Cook-Off -- it happens during the day, there's a lot of good food, and sounds like a lot fun.

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  • Everyday Interactions

    Some of my favorite memories thus far are from everyday interactions around Five Points -- buying a winter jacket from Sid and Nancy that only cost me $40, but was cut from the whole cow. This jacket is warm and will probably last me a lifetime.

    One day Josh brought us some smoked wings from Bar None, they were right on time and so good. I remember finding a copy of a compilation called "Miami Sound" on Soul Jazz Records at Papa Jazz. Chef Blake Farris at Saluda's has a house cured bacon that is one of the absolute best pieces of pig you will ever encounter!

    I also try to make it over to Blue Cactus once a month or so. Recently I had dinner there with my friend JB on his birthday, and Lloyd came outside to hang out with us. It reminded me of what a family business is all about. Good times, good times and plenty more to come!

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