Sara Thomas

The Half and Half

The Half and Half is a graphic design studio with an emphasis on screen printing and letterpress. We have the ability to do that printmaking in-house, and that ranges from flat stock to textiles as well. As a business, we started out on North Main Street a while back, and we sort of outgrew that space in the sense that it was really bare-bones. We were looking for something more substantial and less secluded, where we could have people over and feel more a part of things. So we ended up finding space above Sid and Nancy (in their previous location).

We were really glad to be in Five Points, in the mix of things, it was awesome.

We met so many people just being down here. Debbie at Sid and Nancy would carry our work in the store, we had a poster wall down there, it was great. Once we were here and started growing, that space became too tiny -- it was maybe 400 square feet, so at some point we needed more room and moved into a space on College Street... Then we grew more and needed even more space -- that's when we found our current building, which seemed like a natural fit and we've been here ever since. We've actually been in Five Points for a really long time when you think about it, the exposure on this building is just better than before, so people see us more.

  • Our First Client

    El Burrito was our first client, technically. We were paid in tacos -- a food exchange -- which was pretty awesome. I still eat there almost every day. I have really fond memories of El Burrito since it's where a lot of stuff really got started for us. Suzy was the first person we were printing posters for, and she was always really excited about the work.

    We actually still work with her on projects. We did all the branding and packaging for her salt line, Beautiful Briny Sea, which has been great. El Burrito definitely opened a lot of doors for us so they'll always have a special place in my life.

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  • Happy Hour at Speakeasy

    I also have a real soft spot for Speakeasy. It's so close and easy for after work drinks, I really love the vibe in there. It's awesome that the same people have been working there for so long, and I enjoy that it's usually real calm, not a crazy happy hour place. And they can make a mean drink, too.

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  • Chili Cook-Off

    My favorite event in Five Points has got to be the Chili Cook-Off. It seems that the weather is usually very nice and there is so much good food out there. Like, alarmingly good food. I think it's always fun when you can come down and taste a bunch of good chili, and the crowd is pretty mild, and the music is great. It's during the day, too, which is a plus.

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