Randy Dennis

2G's Clothing

We have a lot of repeat business. That’s what we’ve built the store on over the years; customer service is a priority. It’s more like a family with our customers. We spend a lot of time with them. We meet their families. We know their likes and dislikes outside of the store. It’s not just, ‘You’re a customer, and that’s all you are to us.’ It’s more like, ‘We know a lot about you, you know a lot about us, and we laugh and cry with you.’ They’ve followed us over the years. 2G’s specializes in furniture and overstock and vintage women’s clothing and accessories, but we’ve had several different types of stores all over Columbia - starting when I sold shirts out of the trunk of my car when I attended the University. 

We’ve spent more than 20 years in Five Points. It’s been a fun journey watching it grow.

We’ve always had dogs in our stores, and a lot of people come in to the see the dogs. Our Irish Setters are Barkley and Maggie; before them were Bob and Maggie, then Bob and Lulu, and there was Gamble. We’re very fortunate that we’re able to bring them to work with us. They’re all rescues, and we usually always have two. We get them when they’re five or six years old, once they’re settled down and housebroken. The rescue people know that I need a dog who’s customer friendly and who I can bring to work.

  • More Like a Family

    You look at Five Points and can tell it’s one big family – it’s a village. It’s very seldom that can you go to any city and see this concentration of local merchants. Even in other cities in the Southeast with great downtowns, you can see the local guy getting pushed out by bigger chains. Five Points still has local merchants; we’ve been fortunate. There are a few chains, but it’s a pretty unique place.

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  • Little Habit

    Late afternoons, I always go to Gourmet Shop and get a piece of cake – Carol and I usually split it. Little habit we have. Being small independent stores, we all like to support each other. That’s one of the reasons we like to do our business here.

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  • Loyalty and Legacy

    It’s important to us to leave Five Points better than we found it. A good example is Mr. Harrell’s jewelry shop, where Drip Coffee is now. He came every day dressed in a tie and coat, and his wife always dressed nice, like she was going to church. They left it better than they found it after 50 years. It is our duty to do the same thing. Even if we left tomorrow, we know we left the neighborhood better than we found it.

    That loyalty to it through merchants and customers – we want to make sure Five Points continues to grow.

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  • No Other Place

    Every day is pretty different and brings a lot of satisfaction. Every day is special in a way, and there’s not one day that stands out. We’ve been so fortunate to be here, and I know that there’s not any other place in Columbia where I’d rather be.

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