Palmer “Satch” Krantz

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

Growing up on Rosewood, Satch Krantz thinks back on the family time he spent in Five Points, where they went to Hiller Hardware and many different clothing stores.

I remember catching the bus and heading to the movies being my first act of independence as a kid.

Today, his favorite time to be in Five Points is at night when the trees and fountains are lit up as he heads to dinner at Mr. Friendly’s. He loves driving through the intersection of Devine and Harden, seeing the iconic buildings like Yesterday’s, and recalling his time spent there as a kid. As far as events go, St. Pat’s in Five Points was the first to come to mind, “it’s a staple, something you have to do in Columbia.”  Krantz is glad a district like Five Points exists in Columbia.

This area means a lot to the community and their quality of life.

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