Jenny Thompson

Bombshell Beauty Studio

Bombshell Beauty Studio kind of evolved from another salon, Vista Studios Salon, started in 2003. I started to grow the business, we became Bombshell in 2007, and later moved to Five Points in 2012.

We moved to Five Points because I was looking for a place to grow, have ample parking, have an amazing landlord – which I do – and we wanted a supportive community. I found that other districts in Columbia just didn’t have that element of cohesiveness, whereas Five Points has really active residents who own their businesses and strive to be members of a successful community.

The energy that is happening in Five Points is exciting; it brings in a diverse group of people.

My personal clientele is so diverse. Collectively, it’s all over the board: artists, photographers, painters, sculptors, moms, students, physicians, attorneys, professors; every kind of age group, every kind of social status; people who come from millions of dollars, people scraping by to get a haircut. It’s an eclectic group of people working there, too, attracting the same kind of clientele. Just like Five Points, in general, we’re all very different, but mesh really well. The energy that is happening here is exciting; it brings in a diverse group of people.

  • Punk Rock

    When I was a teenager in rural Lexington, a whole group of us would come into town, hang out in Five Points and go to see shows. There was a great punk rock music scene in Five Points, with bigger bands coming to Rockafellas. It was pretty much home for us as teenagers. Now I live in the area, I raise my child here and my business is here. It makes sense to put back in what I got from Five Points as a kid and a young adult.

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  • Family-friendly

    Five Points is great for families. You have The Gourmet Shop and Scoopy Doo; coffee at Drip for the parents, and there’s music and fountains and lights in the trees. My friend Dave at Blue Tile is putting on shows for kids; giving back to the community. My son and I walked to Waffle House yesterday to have breakfast; earlier this week I took my dogs and hung out at Bar None; today, the Five Points Animal Clinic is taking care of one of my dogs. All of my business is done here. Everything I need is here.

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  • What's Up, Woman!

    My perfect day in Five Points would be starting at Drip, then going to see Carol at 2G’s, because she’s fantastic. I’d pop in and see Debbie at Revente and say, “What’s up, woman!” I love the girls at Bohemian and I do a lot of shopping there. Then I’d go to Yesterday’s – I like to take my son for a burger there and watch the fish tank. Then I’d sit outside at Harper’s and have a cocktail on the patio with the girls from the salon.

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  • Flavor

    There are a lot of people here who want to make a difference and bring flavor and diversity to this neighborhood. I think I’m just really impressed with this community pulling together. Richard Burts (of Five Points Properties and board member of the Five Points Association) is a huge part of making this progress, and I love that the Five Points Association cares about making the area pretty; having lights in the trees – there’s some love going on down here, and it’s really important. I love walking down the street and seeing other business owners and friends, and knowing we’re all trying to make this place better and more and more forward thinking.

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