Duncan MacRae


I am a co-owner of Yesterday’s – a corner tavern with an American menu – along with my business partner Daryl Barnes and my brother, Scott MacRae. Daryl and I were working in hospitality and thinking about going out on our own. We decided to do it, and we looked for a place that had a state government, a big university and nearby neighborhoods, and Five Points fell into all of those categories.

We’ve been here so long that when the alumni are in town, they come back here. Sometimes people call us over and tell us, ‘I met my wife over there at that booth.

We bought the building in 1978 from a fellow who had an Italian restaurant here called Lombardi’s, and we spent the next three months re-doing it to look like an old English/New England kind of pub.

When we opened up the place, the beer delivery guy and the food delivery guy both wished us good luck because nothing had ever succeeded in this location. 37 years later, we are still here. The three of us make sure we have good service, plenty of decent food and reasonable prices. My grandfather was a European trained chef, and my dad was a salesman, so I guess the restaurant business in my blood.

  • The Original St. Pat's

    We started St. Pat’s back in the early ‘80s because we were all sitting around here on St. Patrick’s Day and there was nobody around; they were all in Savannah. The Five Points Merchant Association was looking for some way that we could raise money, so I suggested that we combine a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration with a fundraiser, because on that day, everybody wants to be Irish. We started out in our parking lot, with three bars, and it’s grew until it was almost all of Five Points. Now, the Five Points Association puts it on, and thousands of people come every year.

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  • Old School

    When we got to Five Points in 1978, there wasn’t much going on. There were about five or six liquor licenses and two or three restaurants. Over the years it has grown in popularity. Five Points is an easy place to entertain yourself. It’s a place that is easily navigated – you don’t have any super roads you have to cross; there are a lot of places to go to, and it’s friendly.

    Everybody knows each other. All the people that run the restaurants and the bars and different businesses, they all pretty much know each other; stick together. .I visit a lot with Debbie at Revente, Dennis at The Gourmet Shop and Marty at Bar None. We’ve all been in Five Points for a while. I’m in the “over the hill gang” of Five Points. I remember when we first got here, we were the new guys on the block, and we had to fight like the dickens to even get a liquor license in here!

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  • Famous Faces

    We’ve had a lot of famous people come in here over the years. Hootie and the Blowfish used to order to-go food from here. They liked the meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. Dan Marino, quarterback from the Dolphins, used to come in here every year the Sunday after the Masters Tournament. Dennis Hopper used to come in for Saturday lunch when he was working at the university. Jimmy Buffet’s whole entourage used to come in here to hang out in-between shows.

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  • The Regulars

    During the day, our clientele is local merchants and business folks; early evening is teachers, lawyers, whoever is grabbing an early meal or here for happy hour. For dinner, it’s pretty much family and alumni. We’ve been here so long that when the alumni are in town, they come back here. Sometimes people call us over and tell us, “I met my wife over there at that booth.”

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