Debbie McDaniel

Revente, Sid & Nancy

I’ve been here since 1970 when I came to USC. My first Five Points job was on this block in 1972 at a blue jeans store midblock, and then I was a server where Yesterday’s is now. I’ve been in Five Points most of my adult life. I’m a natural at retail, so I stayed with it.

I’ve been in Five Points most of my adult life.

I saw the changing face of retail, and through a friend, I found a woman who opened a consignment shop in Augusta, Georgia. I spent the day with her, and opened Revente that same year. I was the only employee and didn’t get paid, but put everything back into the store and it grew.

  • Mayberry

    Five Points is very much to me like a modern version of Mayberry: everybody knows your name, everybody watches out for each other. We’re family. That bond is especially strong within each block, and this block is especially tight. But all of Five Points is here for each other.

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  • Everybody's Cool

    It’s always a lot of fun when our favorite drag queens come in to the shop. We get customers who are celebrities. We have a huge following across the board- young, old, white, black, gay, straight. Everybody’s cool.

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  • Family Legacy

    One young woman who worked for us just graduated and is a teacher at Hand Middle School, and her mother started working for me when she was in college, and was one of the first employees at Revente. Her third child was the first shop baby who sat behind the counter, and that child came to work here in college, and is now at The Gourmet Shop. A lot of people with babies and toddlers have worked here, and now those young women are shopping with us.

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  • Caffeine Triangle

    When I have a day off, I start on the 600 block of Harden Street, shop at the stores there, pop into Portfolio Art Gallery, and have lunch at The Gourmet Shop or somewhere I don’t get to quite often. There’s a little bit of everything down here. There is a little triangle for coffee, Drip to The Gourmet Shop to Starbucks, and I try to give everyone equal business. I take my reusable coffee container from Drip wherever I go.

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